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Congratulations, you made it!

Well hello there, thank you for stopping by this lame blog. I made this blog when i turned 18 and the posts here are about everything and anything that happened in my 18 years of existence and beyond. Turning 18 is probably one of the best thing ever, like i can be much more independent than before, you’re not treated like a kid anymore, and you can already make decisions by yourself and actually learn from it. But my favorite part is now that i’m 18, i’m a way closer in achieving my dreams. Now that i achieved this milestone, i just wish to do the things that will help me become everything i dreamed of ever since i was a little kid. All the lame posts here will definitely be a big part of my life, and a big part of achieving those dreams.

Life can be unfair sometimes, it won’t give you what you want. But you know what, i believe that there will be something even greater than what you want. You may not have the best day today, but there are 365 days more to make it your best day ever. Everything is just a way of perspective. If there is something I learned before i turned 18 it is, you make your own happiness, you find your own freedom, you love whatever or whoever your heart beats to, and you’ll find peace when you stop the war inside you.

 And now you’re here I hope you find some inspiration and happiness with your stay here in this lame blog. Come with me as i took the journey of my 18th year here on earth and i hope you stay with me beyond all the years that will pass. Here’s to the great people we will be, here’s to my 18th year and beyond.