If there would be a hardest question to answer it’s probably “How would you describe yourself?”. There’s gonna be times you question yourself ‘why are you like this?’ ‘is it really who i am?’ or i just made  up all this fake self to please you, to fit in. If there is something that you could do wrong to yourself, it’s probably not being yourself. Because yourself is the best ‘you’ there will be, and it’s beautiful. You’re beautiful.

Growing up I never actually find myself interesting. But if you wanted to know (which is the reason why you’re here in the first place lol) here are some of the things I’m proud of myself. I’m a belieber, yes that’s right i didn’t misspelled it. I’m a huge fan of Justin Bieber, I have dedicated 6 years of my life supporting him and his music it will continue and it just won’t stop there. I spend most of my time watching movies and listening to music so that connects with I spend most of my money to cinema tickets, dvds, concert tickets, live shows, albums and other things that connects money with fangirling. People call me a dancer (well apparently i don’t consider myself one) but my love for dancing is overflowing, every time i step on that stage I feel like it is somehow a time for me to give my best and show people that I am more than what they see and think of. I love to travel, all the places I’ve been to left a piece of them within me that every time I go home I felt like a different person and that’s why I kept going places. Writing, drawing, calligraphy, and videography are my craft. I love creating, I love ideas and every time I get the chance to bring my own ideas into life is a fulfilling moment for me. Still finding a way to share them though because i always thought that i’m just proficient, my works are nothing extraordinary. I’m still also working on that flaw and insecurity, and somehow this blog is helping me get through (ambivert problems).

I guess that’s it, there are still locked doors inside me but that doesn’t mean i don’t know who i am, i just continue to grow and continue to find the keys that are needed to unlock all of the doors that makes me who i am.