Music Review: #OneLoveManchester Benefit Concert


Last night was one of the most incredible nights of music history. I watched the #OneLoveManchester Benefit Concert live stream last night and it was truly amazing, the live stream started at 2:00 am and ended at 5:00 am (it was the first time the sun rise and i haven’t slept yet). The star-studded concert was a success as the artists and the over 50,000 crowd was unified by music and by love.

Ariana Grande successfully organized the concert to the benefit of the fans and the victims of the Dangerous Woman Tour Manchester bombing. Performers like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Niall Horan, Little Mix, Pharell Williams and a lot more shown support by performing all their hits and saying inspirational messages to all the people there and at home. I can’t put into words what i am feeling while watching because all i did was sing along and cry and cooperate as if i was there. The red cross organization earned a total of $9,000,000 of donation from last night’s event.

ICYMI: watch the whole live stream at Ariana Gande’s youtube channel!

There’s a  lot of great performances at the show but here are the ones the makes an impact to me. First of all is Ariana Grande’s performance with The Black Eyed Peas singing “Where Is The Love” and I think it was just perfect for that moment and the song has been an anthem through the years and the fact that Grande’s vocals was added in the song is what makes it more special for Ariana. Next up is Justin Bieber’s set where he sang ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Cold Water’ striped down, just with his guitar and vocals but the best part is that he is preaching in the middle of the songs saying that no matter what happen the good and love still wins in the end. Another favorite of mine is Coldplay’s set. Chris Martin’s and the bands energy is overflowing and you can surely see that everyone in the crowd is having fun, because everyone is singing along to every song. Little Mix’s performance was amazing as well, Katy Perry has shown so much strength, bravery and courage with her performance that’s why it marked on me. And i felt like Katy Perry has been a different person from the last time i saw her and i am actually liking it. Lastly Ariana Grande’s performance of ‘My Everything’ with a high school choir is heart warming and the closing performance where all the performers came back at the stage while she is singing ‘One Last Time’ just brought everyone into tears.

All of the artists’ performance sends a positive message and feeling to everyone who is watching the show and that is priceless. Seeing everyone there with one motive, one thing in mind is a great way to show the world that there is still something good left.


This exact moment right here is overwhelming for me as an audience. Moments like this, reminds me so much of why i love music and how it changed my life. How it can change everybody’s life. The unity, love and power seen at places like this is much meaningful than anything else in the world. It just shows that through our love of music we can all be as one, and this night will never be forgotten. Places like this is where happiness really lies, your favorite artists performing your favorite music live and hearing everybody in the crowd sing along is what real happiness looks like. I can’t say enough how proud i am for all the artists who performed, for all the fans who watched live, i am so proud of everyone.

The last thing i can say is, continue to support the artist that you love, continue to listen to the songs you love, because with that we can start a revolution and we can start change, it is just waiting for us. Because with great music comes with great love. #WeStandWithManchester


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