I’m on YouTube


I started over my YouTube Channel again. I decided to take this platform seriously as well. I made this to be partnered with my blog, so my channel will be basically vlogs about my events, travels and stuff like that. My youtube channel will be the visuals for this blog, because i just think that it will be a great idea and i also love creating and filming videos that i consider it as my craft. And with my first try with it, i am actually enjoying making videos for youtube.

When you are actually a big fan of youtube (like me), you just want to be a youtuber. Youtube is a great community for all creative people out there, i personally enjoy youtube and just finding myself watching videos in the middle of the night. Even the creators are amazing, you can find different contents on youtube from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, music, dance, there’s actually a lot of stuff on youtube. And surprisingly the number of audience and creators from the Philippines is quite a lot because we all know the perks of being a creator on youtube.

I’m still building my channel but i’m excited where this will go because i am really going to work hard and put so much effort on it. But still my first priority is my blog, it just really makes me happy to have a place where i can pour my creativity in to and my blog and channel makes it all possible.

So i hope you can stop by my channel when you have a time, to watch some of the lame shit i do with my life.


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