San Fabian, Pangasinan


Summer vacation is almost over so to celebrate it here is a post about the only place i have been to this summer (because i am too busy sleeping which is obviously much needed lol sorry)


Every year i spent my summer break at my tita’s house and also every summer, every year their whole workplace go somewhere to take a break and relax where they can bring and enjoy with their family. So this is another free travel for me, this is the third time I came with my tita to their summer trip and this year we went to a resort in San Fabian, Pangasinan called Oro Gracias Resort. I can’t go on details with this post because I don’t really have any idea on how much the entrance fee, the cottages and stuff like that. But the place is actually quite big, for it accommodated all of us and there’s a lot of us we are consisting of like 30 personnel from the office and each carries with 3-5 family members, so there’s plenty of us in the resort that it looked like we rented the whole place and it was ours for 3 days.

Oro Gracias Resort and Spa has two adult pools and two kiddie pools as well, the other adult pool is an inside pool which is a great thing because if you are just like me who loves swimming but didn’t want to be under the heat it is actually a perfect pool, for the 3 days we spent there that’s the only pool I enjoyed so much. For in fact from the first day we got there, I spend the whole night lounging at the pool and talking with my friend.

They also have cottages, tables and rooms with cable tv and aircon and for entertainment they also have karaoke everywhere (which I rocked by the way), they also have a sort of a dirty kitchen where the guest can cook their food and wash any dishes if they have one, the owners also own a sari-sari store inside the resort that sells just basically what the guests need and lastly they have showers by the pool and shower and comfort rooms as well.


Then when you walk further from the resort you will see the entrance to the beach side.

The beach in this place is really nice, there isn’t a lot of trash that surrounds the place which is surprising and the sand is really fine and the water is blue. But the best thing about this is the waves, it is huge and strong I didn’t really spend a lot of time swimming at the beach but when I did I loved the waves. Then we had a stroll when we woke up early in the morning and the breeze is cold, the waves are splashing, sitting on a boat and I just love it, it reminds me of a simple life and reminds me with one of my goals which is to build a house beside the beach


Like I said I didn’t know the price details of the resort but I think it is affordable, it doesn’t look that fancy but it didn’t look very bad either. I really actually have a hard time with vacations, especially when I am uncomfortable with the place but with our 3 days stay I barely have any complains about it.


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