Music Review: Ed Sheeran’s ‘÷’ (Divide)


We all know Ed Sheeran, the guy on a guitar writing songs that either makes you fall in love or makes you cry. There’s no in between. After a 3 year hiatus he is now back with new album on his hand called ‘÷’ (divide) it was release on 3 March 2017 through Asylum Records and Atlantic Records. Sheeran announced a self-imposed hiatus from social media, commenting that he found himself “seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes.” He further ensured that some of this time would be spent creating his third album, which he considered “the best thing I have made thus far.”

“Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You”, the album’s lead singles, were issued on 6 January 2017. The world wide web definitely had lost it when Ed released not one but two singles in the very same day. I was excited as well but not as hype as those people on the internet but you know me I didn’t really downloaded it and listened to it until 2 days passed, and I was actually seeing how people liked it. The first time I heard the two songs was actually on the radio, and I was ‘shookt’. It sounded so different from the Sheeran I used to know, but it was a good different.

I love both songs, I have been lss with ‘Shape of You’ from the first time I heard it and I just can’t stop dancing to it. It’s upbeat, it’s sexy and fun and really helped to have people anticipate Ed’s new album. Then there’s this ‘Castle on the Hill’ that made me think of that maybe this is a freaking theme song to a young adult movie, cause it sounded like it. This song is a beautiful story, about your younger years and wanting to go back to those times even though nothing was actually making sense, because at that time you are happy and contented. At that time you may not think everything’s better but it was, because it was home.

Watch this beautiful story come to life with ‘Castle on the Hill’ official music video!

15941367_10154906133434486_4813908875676059237_nThe ‘÷’ album was different from ‘x’ and ‘+’ (well i just noticed that his voice was changing in all of the three albums). Unlike from the last two albums where the guitar is really dominant with the latest one Ed used an English/Irish sort of sound and really working on that upbeat pop sound and I also started to hear his voice accompanied by a piano. Unlike his upbeats on the ‘x’ album i’m really digging and loving the new sound he is giving us with ‘÷’. But what didn’t change is Ed’s ability to form words and turn them into a beautiful story. The album is such a story book consisting different stories, from love, heartbreak, stories of happiness and stories about himself. That I guess is what wouldn’t change about the English Ginger Head we all love. Here is something really nice for me to do, I’m gonna get all the songs of the album in a list and category and I won’t fully describe each song like I used to do. I want you to listen to it (as in really listen to it) and relate it to yourself. Because all in all this album is just amazing, Ed Sheeran is always amazing.

If you want to try Ed’s new sound from this album I recommend listening to ‘Shape of You’ (of course), ‘Galway Girl’, ‘Eraser’, ‘Bibia Bi Ye Ye’ and some of my favorites are ‘Barcelona’, ‘ What Do I Know’ and ‘New Man’. All of the songs are pretty upbeat and will definitely make you move and it just sends positive vibes. If you want to hear some of Ed Sheeran’s greatest stories listen to ‘Nancy Mulligan’, ‘Supermarket Flowers’, ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Save Myself’ the lyrics of these songs are just incredible and you would definitely have a peek of Ed’s life. Then there’s still the classic Ed Sheeran love songs like [sad] ‘Dive’, ‘Happier, [romantic] ‘Perfect’, ‘How Would You Feel (paean)’ and ‘Hearts Don’t Break Around Here’.


I know all of you have already listened to the album or you don’t actually need to see this post to listen to it, It is Ed Sheeran for whatever’s sake. Everybody listens to Ed Sheeran, Ed Sheeran knows us more than we know ourselves (that’s true). All I can say to close this post is “Welcome Back, Ed Sheeran!”

Listen to ‘÷’ (Divide) go download the album here!


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