Justin Bieber’s 23rd Birthday Bash #BieberAt23PH


The annual gathering of Filipino Beliebers has arrived organized by the officers of Justin Bieber Philippines the celebration of the birthday of their one and only, Justin Bieber happened last March 5, 2017 at Planas Garden, Quezon City Memorial Circle. A lot of performances from surprise guests, games, merchandise booths, and official merchandise for raffle prizes!

A lot of Beliebers have come to celebrate Justin Bieber’s 23rd birthday together with their squad everybody surely had a great time.

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I use fan events like this as a chance to hang out with my internet friends, because the ones who said people on the internet can’t be trusted is surely didn’t have any. I came in the Birthday Bash with Trixie, KC, Miggz and Bea they are also from Cavite. Spending time with people on your fandom is really fun and it feels like somebody understands you when friends from your real life can’t. They’ll be the one you’re going to be with at concerts, signings, shows and events and it really just feels good to have friends that has the same interest as you in this crazy world of fangirling.

Of course fan events like this wouldn’t be complete if you can’t bring home a lot of freaking merchandise with Justin Bieber’s face on it. The event was filled with different shop selling different Justin Bieber Merchandise like pins, stickers, string bags, cap and even purpose tour shirt replicas. They have Polytolyowie, Alt+Indie, Drew Merch, AJ Paper Planet and more.

Be sure to check out  the link of those shop for your dose of fandom merchandise!


So let’s go on with the guest performances. They invited a lot of special guests this year aside from last year, and i might say that is very impressive.

The first up was Kyle Echarri also a self proclaimed Bieber fan, is a contestant from The Voice Kids Season 2 and one of the group from We Love OPM show ‘The Voice Next Door’ together with Bailey May and JK Labajo. Oh my freaking goodness this kid. The first time I saw this kid was at the Greyson Chance show last year and he was already good, and now he’s much better and i can see that this kid will really grow and succeed as an artist, he got the talent, the looks and the personality. I’m really looking forward for this kid 5 years from now.

Want to get to know Kyle Echarri?

They also had Cliff Hogan who was famous as the Justin Bieber of the Philippines because he joined a contest on a TV Show called ‘Kalokalike’ where they will impersonate their idols with their looks and performance. And he didn’t missed it he actually really looked like 2012 Justin and sounded like him as well, beside him was John Neil Roa another performer from the event.

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 John Neil Roa mostly known as J Roa is a viral upcoming artist and social media star from the Philippines known for his hip hop and r&b original tracks and covers. Oh my goodness gracious again, this guy is the coolest. I mean to be honest I’m not really a fan and had like a little peek of his videos and like ‘uhm okay he’s good’ but when he performed at the event damn man, he was so good and his vocals was on point and stage presence was overflowing. I can’t wait to see more from him, he is an amazing home grown talent.

Discover J Roa and his music here!

And of course Paul Salas, the biggest belieber from the showbiz industry here in the Philippines and he is very close with the JB Philippines that’s why he always get to have fun with us every year.

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Keep updated with events and everything from Justin Bieber Philippines!

That’s a wrap for another year celebrated with my favorite fandom people and internet friends. Congratulations to Justin Bieber Philippines for a successful event and of course happiest birthday to my man Justin Bieber from here in the Philippines all the way to wherever you are. Till next year Filipino Beliebers!


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