Haul: ‘Purpose Tour’ Inspired Bieber Merchandise



The Purpose Tour Merchandise is the official merchandise for Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour. The merchandise consists of shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, jackets, accessories and more and it is sold and will have a pop up shop wherever the next city Purpose Tour show will occur. It has teamed up with different stores like H&M, Asos, Etsy, Forever 21, Pacsun, Barney’s and Urban Outfitters to sell the merchandise and have their own limited edition versions. The merchandise line has been very successful when it became a total fashion statement as a streetwear trend worn by celebrities, socialites, stylists, fashion mavens and even the fans totally love the collection and everybody just seem to have one.


So as an avid Belieber I got to have one right? But the problem is Purpose Tour still haven’t stopped by at Manila and it is too expensive to buy the merchandise online with international shipping. Then suddenly Bieber’s team had the great idea to sell the collection at all H&M stores worldwide and guess what, they had some in the Philippines but then sold out after few hours of its release (great.). But since we are resourceful here in the Philippines a lot of online shops had recreate some replicas of the Purpose Tour Merchandise for a cheaper price.

I bought mine here at Bieber Merch PH, check out their designs!

I bought two shirts for P399 each and it was actually my first time to order stuff online and the story wasn’t pretty. I’m not going to talk about it anymore because what matters it has arrived and it came with a free Purpose Tour tote bag as well!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The first shirt is a black shirt with Justin Bieber’s photo printed on the front. The original was with a print at the back whether the tour dates or just ‘purpose tour’ and is $4 on purposetourmerch.com

Then the other shirt is a red shirt with ‘staff’ written on the front and a huge print on the back with ‘bieber 6’that gives a jersey sort of feel. This one wasn’t actually the real design from the original line, because instead of ‘staff’ written on the front it should be ‘all access’ and with the same print at the back. So if you are wondering why words such as ‘staff’, ‘all access’, ‘security’ is printed on the front of the purpose tour collection it is because it somehow makes you feel like you are part of the world tour and I think it is really cool and really appropriate for a world tour merchandise such as this one, instead of putting the artists’ face in all of the pieces in the merchandise collection.

I’m still thinking of buying some of the jacket or hoodie designs from this line, because they had like a really cool print detail on the sleeves that is really good for styling casual street looks. If you are interested to have one you can always check on your fave local online shop or any fandom online shop if they had a replica of the Purpose Tour Merchandise.

Check out how i style my band/fandom merch on a lookbook soon!


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