Movie Review: I’m Drunk, I Love You.


Days before graduation, two college best friends go on one last road trip where they settle how they really feel for each other.”I’m Drunk, I Love You” is a local independent Filipino offbeat romantic music film starring Paulo Avelino as Dio and Maja Salvador as Carson, presented by TBA productions and directed by JP Habac.

Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalaluhhh (with -h yan ah) uyyyyy ano na baks? Time check na, di mo pa rin pinapanuod ang ‘I’m Drunk, I Love You’? Bahala ka, I’m telling you I won’t be nice with this blog post, and I’m gonna put all the spoilers I want. So if you think of watching this film because it’s a love story, I’m telling you it is not. This is not a love story. It is more than that.

“I’m Drunk, I Love You.” is your typical cliche story where there are two college best friends for almost 7 years, and the other one is secretly in love with her best friend for 7 years. If you think this will end happily ever after, that the two friends will eventually realize that they are actually meant for each other, it will not. It didn’t even started “happy” either.
It started all with Carson’s (Maja) struggle for loving her own best friend for 7 years, all the things she did for him and yet Dio (Paulo) still doesn’t have a clue and actually didn’t feel the same way. They are already delayed for 3 years in college and when Carson and Dio is finally graduating, Dio had the great idea for them to attend a music festival in La Union, together with Carson’s friend Jason Ty just to find herself admitting her feelings for him while Dio is actually trying to revive a lost relationship with his ex-girlfriend Pathy.
The story line just revolves around college, what you are going to do after college, family, friends, loving, drinking, moving on and accepting things. That is one thing I probably love about this movie because it tackles more issues than it is actually known for and they did a great job pulling all the stories together and putting it to one persona that everybody can relate to. One thing I just regret is that, I should be drinking while watching this and I think you should do it if you are planning to watch it. Drink and watch “I’m Drunk, I Love You.”
Another thing I love about indie films are even though they are making it on tight budget, they still produce quality and meaningful works of art. The minimalism of these kind of films, just showing off the well-written scripts and the beautiful cinematography, proves that you don’t need too much to make things valuable, you just need to focus on things that are enough. Did I already talk about the soundtracks? This movie doesn’t just makes me proud with local films but also with local artists, musician and singers. The songs that are put in the background, the songs that are performed in the movie are just perfect, I felt like they are made for each other and it makes the movie more heartfelt. Since the two characters, Carson and Dio, are singers and musicians it feels like the movie has to have epic soundtracks as well and that they did a great job folks, they did a great job.

Yung mga hugot at punchline baks, sapul, pasok, ganern. While you are watching it and hearing the scripts thrown by the characters you would think for a second that “am I the one who wrote this?”, “I might probably say that.”, “I want to say that.”. That is just how real the movie is and how natural the characters are. Sabi nga ni Dio “Ang sakit talaga ng truth kapag sinasampal sayo no.” At iyon yung ginawa nila, sinampal nila ako sa pelikulang ito sa isa at marami pang katotohanan sa mundo. I’ll never forget this movie, I have never been so right on spending money impulsively for things I believe that would inspire me and make me happy.

But at the end, what matters is what matters. Ano bang mas mahalaga sayo? Ano bang makakapagpaligaya sayo? Sapat bang ganito ka lang? Sapat na bang hanggang ganito lang kayo? Tama naman si Carson eh, hindi niya kasalanan na hindi ka niya mahal. Dapat lang namang malaman mo na sa buhay kailangan talaga nating grumaduate, matutong bumitaw sa mga bagay na pumipigil sayo na maging masaya at kapitan lang ang mga bagay na nagbibigay sayo ng pag-asa, kahit gaano pa ito kaliit. Kapit lang.


This movie just literally jumps to my list of ‘takbuhan movies’ and I encourage you to watch this, and support other upcoming local films and let’s help save and grow the independent industry, with just little steps it is actually fulfilling.

Tweet the hashtag #SaveIDILY to request “I’m Drunk, I Love You.” at your nearest cinemas.


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