8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

The most awaited 8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition has kicked off this February 11 and it is still happening every Saturday, until March 18, 2017! Watch the best of the best pyrotechnic companies per country compete against each other, plus, special performances of your favorite bands! This event is brought to your by SMDC “The Good Guys”.

I didn’t found out about this but the event was much more fun because the Rock Maestro Bamboo was there to perform his hits like, ‘Elesi’, ‘Hallelujah’ and many more. I just totally lost my shit when I heard the first air I heard when Bamboo was up on the stage. He’s legendary, I have been listening to him since I was a little kid because my dad also listens to his songs, I just grew up with it. We were kind of far away from the stage where he was performing, which was kind of a bummer because people in front just shove their phones to my face, I hated it. But his performance was flawless, it was quality, his live performing voice is so much better than his recording voice and he’s so cute I don’t care how old he is, he’s damn cute. When he had his concert or show again I promised to myself to see him live better next time.

The competition started off with an opening number by the host country, Philippines showing spectacular pyrotechnics by Platinum fireworks that surely made the local audience proud. Then the main competition begins with the first one up to mesmerize the people is Pyragric Feux D’ Artifice from France. The fireworks from France dance its sparkle to some 80’s hits and some songs from 2016 that surely made all the people wow.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

But the best thing about this is that i’m not going alone at events anymore, because this is the first time I officially hang out with my adventure buddy, Cyla! After her debut and that wonderful intro she wrote for me when I was called as one of her 18 candles I felt like okay let’s make this official and let’s be each other’s adventure buddy. After that night I promised to myself to bring her with me even just at one event, and I promised to help her cross things out her bucket list. Now I don’t know where we’re going anymore because I kept tagging her in almost all of the events I’m interested in and I even told her that we should have a cafe hop once a month and just eat our souls out. This will be the first of many more adventures I will have with my fave girl, I can’t wait for that.

Check out Cyla’s Blog here!


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