Confessions of a College Student


I thought high school was already worst, but it was just worse. In high school you just have to deal with people you don’t like but in college everything just turns into something you don’t like. You have to deal with your block mates that you don’t like, with professors you don’t like, with subject courses that you don’t like, and with projects, reports and thesis that you don’t like. I just don’t like everything, it drives me crazy. Fortunately I just have to suck one more year and i’m out of here I can’t wait for that moment, I would totally celebrate that day.

Don’t get me wrong here, as if i don’t need education. I’m living in a third-world country and for people who needed education more that’s us. To be honest I love learning, I love gaining new knowledge and such but what I don’t like is the school system. It’s tiring, I’m tired of it, I have been going to school for 15 years now and it is still the same and it just gets harder every year. Elementary and High School is tolerable but when you turn College it will drive to the edge and turn you into something you’re not. I’m not exaggerating, the stress and anxiety level i’m having right now is beyond.

School turns people into liars and cheaters instead of achievers. I have seen students that would fake their achievements just to have one. The process on how they got their 1.00 GWA score is humiliating and I see them do it everyday. School is supposed to be a place where students will grow and gain more not a place for a forced competition and accomplishment for the sake of a freaking record on a paper. School depresses people instead of making them feel good about themselves, I have seen students change and end their lives just because of how people in school treat them. It forces us to do something because it is what’s written in the syllabus not because it is what we need or want. School forces us to be something that we’re not instead of molding and strengthening who we really are. School is tiring and it turns every human being into a remote controlled heartless brain-eating zombie.

I know it all depends on the person but it’s the environment that pushes us to do unpleasant things, it’s the environment that needs changing. If we weren’t just sitting there and listening to somewhat professional when it comes to teaching talk for 7-8 hours, if we weren’t just ranked for all the digits we gained in an activity we probably didn’t even want to do at the first place, if our  knowledge weren’t just tested and gained through memorizing that exhausts our brain, and if only our intelligence weren’t just judged on the score we got in an exam,  I guess everything will be different.


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