DIY Craft: Blackout Poetry

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Do you have old books that you have read for the nth time now, or have a book that you don’t really like, or are you just like me who have books but doesn’t actually read them and thinking what could I do something out of this? Some people definitely freaked out when I told them that I don’t read all the books I own, so what do I actually do with them? I just tell them to flip the pages.

Blackout Poetry is an art of turning pages of words into poems. It is deleting the words that you don’t need and emphasizes the words that you tastes and turn it into an artistic form of writing and expression. When you thought of writing poems, you think of a blank sheet of paper, a pen and the words that come out of your brain. Blackout Poetry is a different approach into writing your poems, in here you already have the words and all you need to do is to somehow turn these thousands of thoughts into one and that is the challenge of blacking out.

Blacking out is a great hobby and a great form of art and I have been doing it myself for a lot of time now and I even influenced a friend and gift her a customized Blackout Book made by me. So from here are the needed materials and instructions for you to start your own Blackout Poetry. Happy Blacking Out!

What you need:

  • a medium (old books, newspapers, magazines or any reading materials)
  • a pencil
  • a marker
  • and time

How to Blackout:

First, get your medium and choose a page where you are going to blackout. For extra fun and challenge you can flip the book and stop at a certain page and there will be your area for black out.

Next, with a pencil underline the words that you will use. It helps when you read the certain paragraph that you will black out to get the thought as one, and it makes choosing of words easy.

The words must be in line or in the next line, just keep in mind that the words that you will use must be chronological for it to be understandable.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Lastly, if you are finished and already built a poem, black out the words you won’t need with a marker. And viola! That’s it you have created a masterpiece.

It says “I only wish I couldn’t been so high on love.”

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Blackout Poetry helps me to make things clearer, because sometimes when we are left with fewer words it is where everything makes much more sense.



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