I have been offered to contribute to a New York based website!

I was on my holiday break and been far from home until one day a notification pops on my phone with a message. I was strolling through my instagram feed then a message notification appear, while I was reading it i can’t help but smile and be ecstatic about it, like they have been in my wordpress blog and took interest from it. At first I’m having doubts about it but at the same time I am hoping it was legit. So I e-mailed the ‘My Trending Stories’ Team, and they replied saying that they are offering me to be part of their team and to contribute my writings and views and be an official blogger on their website.

Check out My Trending Stories!

‘My Trending Stories’ is a new blogging website established in New York. So I researched about them, and took a look at the website itself and it shows that they have been inviting a lot of bloggers too, to be part and contribute for the website. When I looked at the post of other bloggers who have been invited they were not convinced by the website and that also ran in my head, the sites programmers are still establishing a mass advertisement and sharing system, but what hurt to try for a noob like me?

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So i continued to e-mail the team and they have already made an author account for me. I might start writing articles by the start of 2017. Being a novice blogger and it’s only been a year since I started blogging , and having this opportunity is pretty amazing. To know that someone out there is actually seeing my blog, to know that I do make sense and to know that I can go somewhere for something that I just love doing, is really beyond what I expect when I started writing. So let’s just hope for the best for this new milestone that I am achieving.


2 thoughts on “I have been offered to contribute to a New York based website!

  1. MyTrendingStories seem to be contacting a lot of bloggers. I was contacted in Summer 2016 and I was really excited. However, no matter how much effort I put into writing articles, sharing them and trying to draw attention to my content, it went almost completely unnoticed. I found the site tricky to navigate and use – people trying to comment on my articles and couldn’t, and shared their frustrations with me. I stopped writing articles in around September time, and I haven’t yet written anything else on there. I’m definitely sticking to WordPress for now. I just thought I’d share my experience; I hope you have a better one!

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