Celebrating with one of my favorite persons in the world

So this is my second time being a part of a girl’s celebration on turning into a lady. Cyla has been college friend since first year because we are a block section. As I remember we started talking because we have shown the same interest on music and movies and books, we started talking about Ed Sheeran since we both love him and it is where it all started, i remember saying in my head when we were having that conversation, “where have you been, all my life?” because it is my first time having someone to fangirl with at school and share the same emotion since you know everyone is all over k-pop, but don’t get me wrong all my friends are die-hard kpop fans, even Cyla. At first i use to call her, ‘Ate Cyla’ because she is very tall so i thought she was older than me but the reality is i was older than her by few months. She’s just super tall, as in super tall.

As the years pass by, we grew closer as i and my friends also became closer to her group of friends. Also as the years pass by we have learned things about each other and actually we were quite the same, interests, personality, and we even have the same dreams and that makes Cyla one of my favorite persons in the world, or just in my life (lol).

So when she invited me to be part of her debut i automatically said yes of course, but what shocked me is that i am part of her 18 candles. That just made me realize ‘wow’. It feels good to be part of someone else’s life, when all you thought was you were nothing special, but someone out there is actually appreciating all the things you do that makes them smile and that is really priceless. If there is something i want to point out here is that, just be true with all the things you love and not, just be true to who you are and just be a nice person over all (actually be nice to people who are nice to you, that’s it lol).

What i gave to her is not really expensive but i thought of it really well (as in pinagisipan ko talaga siya ng maiging maigi) but i still felt scared that she might not like it. Since i know Cyla loves reading, i thought of giving her a book but since everyone knows that she loves reading everyone will probably give her one. So i am thinking of what else can i gave her? A sign just came and my creative thinking pops up, i saw a photo of a blackout poem on her poem and i am doing it actually, blacking out my books instead of reading them (i’m not really fond of reading, i get bored easily and prefer watching movies instead) Then the idea comes that i will give her a book that is not for reading, I covered the book and put instructions on how it is used.

the first blackout poem Cyla made with the gift i gave

After that night she messaged me and she said that she loved what i gave her, she actually liked it. It was a relief for me, cause even though it wasn’t a pricey clothes, accessories or an authored book she still appreciated it. When it comes to gifts you should always look on the person’s likeness and personality, show your creative side and effort on giving gifts because it shows that you are actually noticing little things about that person and that is one of the best feelings in the world.

What i like about Cyla is that she is very nice and down to earth, always smiling and always positive, i never thought i would realize this until now but those kinds of people is who i need in my life and i’m grateful i found one who also treats me the same. So i hope she just stay that way, hope she have a lot more courage to do the things she wants to do, and i hope she achieve her dreams and other great things in life.


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