Human Favorites: The Line Up @maya_nilsen @juliaadang


The Line Up is a youtube sensation composed of Maya Nilsen and Julia Dang from Stockholm, Sweden. These fashionable best friends have over 15 million views on their channel, vlogging about lifestyle, fashion, travel and styling. With their impeccable fashion sense and with their various style they are surely winning fans from all over the world as the iconic duo in the world of youtube fashion.

with your new fashion fairy god sisters have a glimpse of their daily fix of fashion and style here.

But as how good looking they are together, they are still very admirable as individuals. Julia Dang, as one of the creators of the popular YouTube channel TheLineUp, Dang became known for her fashion videos. Several of her YouTube videos chronicle her travels to places such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. She enrolled at the Royal Institute of Technology to study industrial engineering and management. (

Get to know the 1/2 of The Line Up, check out Julia’s fashion feed here!

Julia can be very chic or very edgy or just a mass combination of both. She has this serious, classy and chic personality that compliments her strong make-up looks and her platinum silver hair that is just perfect with each other. Her bold fashion choices and passion with her style is what makes me look forward on where it’ll get her and she just continue to be unique from other fashionistas that makes me love her brave aesthetic even more.

Get to know the other half of The Line Up, check out Maya’s instagram account here!

Famous as one of the creators of the popular YouTube channel TheLineUp, Maya Nilsen posts videos relating to fashion, styling and lifestyle alongside her partner Julia Dang. She studied marketing, economics and law in high school and she was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. (


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