I am officially part of the ‘Ninangs of Manila’ club


There are two things i needed to say. I never wanted to be a ‘ninang’ you know? cause what am i going to do? i’m just a teenager, i don’t have work, and i’m broke definitely, and i might just ruin the kid’s life (lol no just exaggerating). The other thing is, i just love it when i’m a part of someone else’s life events or celebration, it’s fulfilling.

To be honest this is the first time that i have been chosen to be a ninang and to be honest i don’t know what to feel when i got the news. The father of Baby Zoie is my cousin. When i was little we always go to their place and i get to bond with them since they are like 7 siblings and i was the youngest of all cousins back then and i am an only daughter. To be honest i am proud of all my cousins, i saw them struggle when we were kids but now they have gone a long way and living a better life now. And now they are building their own families and that is amazing.

I can’t tell you so much with the kid because it was my first time seeing her at the baptism. As i can see myself, i feel like i’m really good with kids but i refuse to carry infants even though i know how, just the time when they started crying is stressful then you are going to see its parents like it’s just a sin you know, making a baby cry is a sin. There are few things i learned from this experience that being a godmother isn’t always about the presents every Christmas, every birthday, every occasions or what material things you can give (which is mostly the reason why we get ninongs/ninangs, let’s admit it.) The real thing is when you become a godparent you become a part of the child’s life and the child becomes a part of your life. There’s another soul here on earth you are responsible of, another soul worth of your time remembering, and another soul you are going to tell stories and lessons you learned from life and that’s why we became godparents and i think it’s beautiful.

And the gift i gave Baby Zoie is her thunder buddy for life (yay!) The teddy bear is so cute i wanted it, i never had someone who gave me teddy bears that’s why i wanted it so bad and not give it to the baby (lol). Despite of it being ridiculously cute, teddy bears are a child’s first friend and that is what i want her to have. I want her to have something she’ll know wouldn’t leave her, that the bear could be something she’ll tell all her secrets and you know other kid stuff. I believe the sentiments we give to things we got since we were kids, and i just hope she grew up with her thunder buddy (and they can sing the thunder song together!).


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