Human Favorites: Jae Danguilan @skeuomorphjc

art by Jae Danguilan:

Skeuomorph skeu·o·morph /ˈskyo͞oōˌmôrf/ an object or feature that imitates the design of a similar artifact made from another material, “it’s making something new look familiar to people. that’s pretty much what my goal with my art is.” she said so herself. Julie Ann T. Danguilan known as Jae Danguilan/Jae Collins a 15 year old visual artist based in the Philippines who has a promising talent just waiting for the world to see.

this kid’s artistic personality reflect on her ig game with her art and style, just check out her feed here!

get to know the young artisan, follow her on twitter and facebook!

I have been friends with Jae (on facebook) since we are in the same fandom (5sosfam ya’ll!!!) and because of the same music interest. Her name started to caught a lot of attention when she started posting her works on her facebook account and had a lot of beautiful reactions from people. Her online connections are going crazy since people are really impressed with her works and they are trying to be part of her art, (they are trying to get her attention to be part of her calligraphy drills and get the chance to have an artwork for themselves by Jae.) Fortunately i was one of the lucky people to be picked to have an artwork made by her (and i made it the logo of my blog), “the spam is kinda annoying especially the message spam but it’s awesome that they’re willing to comment together with the sea of peeps to be part of my drills.” she said when asked about how she feels about the reaction she is getting from people because of her works, “its really amazing. their reactions really keep me going, they should really expect better artworks from me and calligraphy drills dedicated to them. because they’re awesome. love them all.” and that gain her fans and have been an inspiration in such a young age.

This junior high school student from Nueva Ecija started showing interest in art when she was 2 years old and just focused on improving her skills the past few years, especially this year since a lot of audience are noticing her incredible talent. When I asked about the first artwork she made that she can remember, she said that it was a portrait of a girl and her dad on watercolor that she made when she was 4 years old in a letter that she gave to her father. The young artist believe that her art is helping her to get through all her emotions and stress, and that’s what mostly shows on her artworks. But the support she is getting from her friends and family is what inspires her to do and practice her craft, “my friends, family and “girlfrens” really inspire me too. i mean their support are just amazing. their comments kinda make me feel good about my art.” she said.

But just like any other great artist, Jae looks up to artists from the impressionism and post-impressionism movement, particularly Vincent Van Gogh. “They inspire me to make art, their stories about pouring out their thoughts into their paintings are inexplicable.” She even had made a replica of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” which is quite impressive to be honest, and it was also her favorite work of hers. But her aesthetically pleasing paintings and calligraphy still has the effort to look unique and different somehow and also it personally made me believe that someone can create something so beautiful just by the way her hands move and she just continues to grow now that she is starting to collaborate with different platforms that needs her ideas and touch. So here’s what she can say to other people who are also dragged into this scene and also for all the artist to be, “find your inspiration. find people that’ll believe in you more than you do. and listen to them. and what’s important is to brush off the negativity.”

Jae Danguilan’s replica of “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh

All dreams start small-scale, this young talented girl have come a long way already but she still has a long way to go, with all the strokes she will do with her brush, with all the color she will add and with all of her artworks to offer it wouldn’t be hard to believe that one day it’ll bring her anywhere she have always wanted. When it comes to art there is no wrong or right, there is no beautiful or ugly, it’s just what it is. Art is art, no matter what. It is really important for us to find the right craft, the right thing to do to makes us feel whole. If you found it, do it, practice it, love it, and the right people in your life will support you and you’ll be surprised one day it’ll pave the way for you to inspire people and it will somehow put everything into place and it will definitely add color to your life and i promise you it will feel good.




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