Unspoken Words #3

Just so you know, I’m not really good at remembering things.

But i have memorized the ways on how to forget them.

Like the lessons i have been studying the past four years of college,

like the lyrics of my favorite song from the 2000 top 40,

like the directions to a place i’m never coming back to,

like the words in Rizal’s poem we have to recite,

like the days with my friends who i lost in touch with since high school ended,

like the steps in a dance routine where we didn’t even win,

and like the poem i wrote for a sixth grade project

about the heartbreak i felt when my pet dog died.

Somehow forgotten.

Like the exact date of the day i met you,

like the way you made me feel like i was the most beautiful girl in the world,

like the touch of your hand intertwined with mine,

like every time you look at me and see me through my soul,

like the way your smile crinkles up your eyes and brighten up my day,

like the messages you sent me which was my lullaby before i sleep,

like the way you made me feel everything,

like the first time you told me you love me,

and just like how love can make someone feel so good.

All of them forgotten.

It is painful to forget all the things you want to remember your whole life,

it is hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

Some nights i torture myself wishing that i could wake up with amnesia,

it is easier that way.

Sometimes i wish i just haven’t met you,

i guess everything will be better that way. -Aries Eli


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