Human Favorites: McKenna Kaelin @simply_kenna



McKenna Kaelin a 21 years old animal loving Autumn fairy that’s obsessed with Anime and coffee on rainy mornings (based on her about) is a beauty and fashion YouTube content creator who also creates videos regarding advice and information on being Buddhist and vegetarian. She was born in Southern California on August 9, 1995 she used to spend her time writing poetry and painting pictures to be sold in art galleries. She originally became noticed online for her minimalist Instagram photography. (source:

With a her minimalist theme with a touch of vintage, earthy and autumn feels and colors her instagram is actual feed goals! check it out here.

With her quirky personality and love for autumn, fall and halloween is what makes her unique from other youtube stars. From make-up, lookbooks, poetry, Q&A’s, tags, diys and stuff that she likes, this youtube creator never ran out ideas to share. check it out here.

I am mostly annoyed at youtube’s recommended channels for me (i don’t know but maybe i just love watching the same shit every time) but when suddenly i saw a video of simply_kenna i now believe that youtube is really recommending amazing channels. I clicked on her channel and it was marvelous, i subscribed immediately without even watching a single video yet but when i did, i fell in love with her. She is so different, that every time i watch her it feels different from any other youtubers i love. I’m not into the bohemian life, but her style and fashion is inspiring, for her make up tutorials she seldom use high end products (because she is a vegan and against animal violence) unlike other beauty gurus but the outcome is majestic. I have never seen  someone so in love with fall and autumn  that they bring the seasons into life. Her personality on the other side is very geeky and very fun, she loves memes and always have a joke. She is mostly seen to fangirl over anime, Harry Potter, Disney, and Sherlock Holmes. I mean who wouldn’t right? She is very interesting and and gives great advice and she is very transparent to her audience about her personal matters and views and at the same time everyone can relate to her. You know that one person at school who are friends with everyone, that’s her. I feel like when we meet personally we are going to get along really well and i have never seen a walking aesthetic until i saw her, i guess i have never seen anyone like her.

I decided to feature her on my blog for she inspired me. When i started watching her videos i bumped into her series called ‘Write Here, Write Now’ which includes her writing and poetry and it were kind of like little short films (as she say it). I have always been thinking about doing a something that features my writing and poetry too but i never came up with a creative idea on how i will do it, until i watched her video. That’s why i also will have my own writing and poetry series on my own channel that will be called ‘Feelstrip’ i’ll try to be unique and different from her but i am thankful that she was my inspiration for this, because if there is something i am wishing for it is to inspire people with my creations just as much as i am inspired by theirs.

that is why i am already planning on to do things on my youtube channel i just hope you guys check on that, i’m excited to share my craft with you.


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