Hearing Words Anonymous for the first time


Words Anonymous is a spoken word group in the Philippines that aims to promote this art form all over the country. One poem at a time.

“Words Anonymous is a spoken word group whose goal is to share their passion for spoken word poetry with the rest of the country. Its members are ordinary people looking to build extraordinary connections through their words and stories.

Founded in April 2014, Words Anonymous began as a group of friends brought together by their love of spoken word and a longing to be heard and understood.

Brave. Talented. Raw. The members of Words Anonymous breathe life into stories that are often left untold. They regularly perform at bars and cafes around the Metro Manila area. Through their performances, they weave tales of love, loss, inequality, and the struggles of finding one’s place in the world.

As part of the Filipino art community, Words Anonymous also aims to promote all forms of creative expression through collaborations with other artists. They also hold workshops to help people of all ages find their voice and share their own stories.

The poets of Words Anonymous come from different backgrounds and have distinctly unique styles. Their diversity is proof that no story is too small and no voice is too soft not to be heard. Armed with nothing but a microphone and hearts that won’t quit, Words Anonymous continues to make the entire world their stage.”

Find out more about Words Anonymous!

What is Spoken Word Poetry? For me, it is more than the art of rhyming words together and making usual occasions special because of the adjectives we are using. But most of all spoken word poetry is more than your broken heart, it is a chance to be heard without judgement and just people trying to listen and understand. The first time i found out about this community of poets is when they are featured in a pop culture documentary on tv and i thought that they are doing the coolest thing ever. The few ones i knew was Juan Miguel Severo who was a cast of ‘On The Wings of Love’ and Trevor William whose life story I’ve watched on MMK. More than having his works published, sharing his works and seeing people can relate to it are also one of a poet’s dreams, and that is what spoken word poetry is about.

I have been dying to hear Words Anonymous perform then i saw that they had an upcoming event with an international spoken poet Sierra DeMulder “Today Means Amen”, i was so damn excited and i told myself that i’m gonna be there and i just reserved a ticket and suddenly things are happening and school is firing up and even though how much it breaks my heart to cancel, i have too (ang hirap kashe ang shaket). I was just hopeless, i’m never gonna see them cause it is hard to see them at bars and cafes cause i am not from manila and that show was my only chance. Then the heavens answered my prayers, I saw a post from WA’s facebook page saying that they having an open mic night at Cafe Avenue at Imus, Cavite (like really? are you serious right now? sa imus lang? omg) and i just ended up saying while looking up ahead “Hindi mo talaga hahayang di ko sila makita”. ‘If a door closes, a window opens’ this is the first time i proven that that saying is actually true.

September 17, Saturday was the open mic night’s schedule. I tried to invite a friend to come with me for things to be different but the alone gaming is strong in this one and i ended up going by myself again (okay lang, sanay naman na ako). There were like few people, not less than 30 i guess. The show started at exactly 8pm and the first performers were the ones who are doing the open mic, which are the audience some sang and the others performed their poems on stage. I was actually impressed there are some great poets in cavite, they are actually really good when they started performing i was just in awe.

Check out latest performances and shows by Words Anonymous on their youtube and twitter accounts!

I have watched four members of Words Anonymous from that open mic night and i am not disappointed and apparently not all ‘hugot’ comes from your love life and that’s what makes spoken word poetry more special. Just like the piece performed by Henri Igna entitled ‘Sampaguita sa Dilim’, the poem talks about prostitution and how a common live a life like it, plus his delivery is beyond it gave me goosebumps. Another piece is ‘Biyaheng Malandi’ by Jonel Revistual which is all about the inequality of gender, how women are objectified, rape and the not so beautiful mindset of Filipinos and it is one of my personal favorites. Then there is Jihads Mambuay who performed ‘Para sa Naghinhintay at Naiinip’ that tackles about love, waiting for the right one and actually enjoying yourself while you are waiting for your ‘the one’, this piece is the hopeless romantic one, it will give you hope that such good thing will happen to you and i can relate to it unfortunately. And another piece of love which is ‘Nang Malamaan ko Kung Bakit Ginawa and Waiting Shed’ by Jonel Revistual which he disclaimed as the first love poem he wrote, because he never imagined himself doing a kind of piece until he was hurt, which is obviously where everybody is coming from. The last one is my favorite it is by Michelle Manese she is known for empowering women with her works and that’s why my feminist heart love her so much and the one she performed is entitled ‘Insanity Compass and Other Things I Call My Heart’ which is all about the one who love so deeply but never learned how to love herself, with this piece she is telling people not to settle, that you deserve what you want and you are actually worth it, you are enough.

With all the pieces they wrote and performed there is nothing that can make you lose your attention, it feels like you can relate to each and every line and it will just open up everything and when you leave you will just be inspired with everything. While i was listening to them i can actually feel my heart beat, i was actually feeling and that is the reason why this art form is very personal to me and it is crazy but i can see myself doing the same thing (hopefully).

Check out Words Anonymous performances at Cafe Avenue on my youtube channel!




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