First Adult Party: Hydro Manila Music Festival 2016


“Raise your flag as we #SupportLocalArtists #SupportLocalDJs #SupportPHMusicFestivals and put Philippines as a premier destination for music festivals!”

Hydro Manila Music Festival is one of the hottest parties in the Philippines where it is awaited by people, celebrities and performers. It showcases Original Pilipino Music, which consists of bands, singers, djs and emcees all originals by this amazing Filipino artists/performers! As they say it, they make it rain (as in literally) which for me is the best part of this music festival. While dancing to the beat of your heart and having the time of your life they will shower you with holiness (i mean water).

I got there at 2 pm and i thought i’m already late because the gates will open at 1 pm, but apparently not. They started at almost at 6 pm and i waited for like 4 hours (4 goddamn hours !!!). I waited alone, which is not cool, and i almost wanted to cancel and just sell my ticket to the people outside cause i can’t stay here till late cause i haven’t tell mom i was going to be here (i told her i was going to a birthday party, but i went to an actual party so no biggie shhhh) i didn’t finished the whole party  so i just stayed for almost 2-3 hours. But the sad part is i didn’t get to see all the performers, so on this blog i’m just going to focus on the EDM and the pinoy djs and emcees.

To be honest, it is my first time attending this kind of event so a lot of things are going in my head. I thought this might suck because i’m alone and all the people there got their own squad with them. Well actually, i met someone there and she was nice to offer me her company but i bailed and just disappeared after i realized she was a bad company (sorry…). So i decided to walk straight in front of the stage and stayed in the pit all night (i guess i still love myself all along).

I don’t really know who the djs and emcees are but they are quite good actually. The original pinoy edm are amazing and the crowd was just right there in that moment. It was a different experience with shows and concerts. The mixes of the djs are literally on fire and every beat just makes me want to dance, and the mcs are overflowing with energy and i feel like the crowd can really relate to them since everyone in the pit is cooperating and having a good time. And the next time i’ll be here, i’m gonna bring my friends along i’m sure they’ll enjoy this, they are the ones in my head trough out the night.

Then there’s this group of people from Deuce Manila and the dj up on the stage is Patty Tiu, don’t know her really but i have heard her name maybe once or twice. With her breathtaking entrance where she harnessed herself up, down to the stage, everybody was just waiting for her and screaming her name. And honestly her first song was kind of ehh (lame) i can notice cause everybody is not paying attention including me or it’s just i’m tired after the last set. Then suddenly she said “Sorry kung ganito yung tugtog ko, di kasi ako tumutugtog ng banda banda, pero sana magustuhan niyo yung hinanda ko para sa inyo” after that she found herself and everybody found themselves jumping up and down & dancing and from there i thought this people around me are different, we are all strangers, but one single beat unites us all.

The Pinoy EDM artists and the Pinoy EDM crowd is amazing, i never thought they would love a kind of stuff like this because it was actually a western thing but what i saw there was incredible. When The Chainsmokers had their show here in the Philippines it was sold out, then i thought “why? there are like few popular songs of them here.” Because i am used to enjoy more when i know a lot of songs from the artist i’m seeing live. Then i saw the crowd at Hydro and i remembered what The Chainsmokers said “You guys love us more than the US loves us.” and i’m just speechless and realized that it was true, it was a different experience from hearing your favorite band rock that stage, different from seeing your favorite pop star kill that performance. It was different, it was a good different. Maybe lyrics aren’t the only thing that makes a good music.



ICYMI: Here’s Hydro Manila Music Festival | POV up on my youtube channel!


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