#InTheMix: My First Ever Concert Experience!


“It’s the hottest arena festival in the Philippines! 6 major acts in one roof!#InTheMix2016 featuring the return of The 1975, Panic! At The Disco and Third Eye Blind. Also featuring the Manila concert debut of James BayElle King and Twin Pines!” Brought to you by MMI Live and Ovation Productions.

I still remember clearly, the day when i wrote all my anticipation about this event, when i bought my first ever concert ticket i remember every bit of it. Now, I have experienced. I have experienced it. I can’t believe i had my first ever concert experience with 6 amazing acts at #InTheMix. I saw Panic! At The Disco, Brendon Urie, James Bay, Matty Healy and The 1975. I won’t forget this. Never.

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 This happened on a weekday, that was Thursday and i thought i would be skipping class for this. Luckily the school cut the class 12:00 noon because of a school event and my first class starts at 11:30, so technically we don’t have classes anymore (isn’t that the greatest news ever?). So i get ready and leave the house at 12:00 and arrive at the venue at almost 3:00, the line wasn’t that long when i got there. Then we line up for like 2 hours till they opened the gates, and we waited again for an hour till they let people in to their seats. The funny thing, since it is my first time attending a concert and going inside the arena, i almost get lost finding for my section (it is literally a maze up there, really).

At 6:00 pm the show officially started and the first performer was ‘Twin Pines’. At first i’m lowkey sad for the band and disappointed cause there are few people inside the arena, but despite of that ‘Twin Pines’ still managed to do a great job they performed few of their original songs and did a cover of DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber ‘Let Me Love You’ and with that song they had me and they even made me a fan that night. After the show i tweeted them and they noticed me! (they rted & faved my tweets about them). The next artist was ‘Elle King’. I heard only one of her songs which is ‘Ex’s & Oh’s’ and that’s it i have literally no idea about her. But when she hit that stage and belts her husky like country like voice, i’m shook. She sounded better live than on her records and she even said ‘Mabuhay’ and told us she was part Filipina and that her parents was from the Philippines, she was really excited telling us about it. Then ‘Third Eye Blind’ was the first band who gave us a full-hour set, i don’t really know them or any of their songs (don’t hate me) but i enjoyed every bits of their performance. Because during their set people started clapping, singing along and raising their phones up and just started cooperating with the performer and it’s a beautiful sight.

Discover Twin Pines, Elle King and Third Eye Blind!

Then it is time for the headliners! First up was ‘Panic! At The Disco’ which everybody anticipates and they opened their set with ‘Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time’ and they also performed ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’, ‘Golden Days’, ‘Hallelujah’ and closed it with ‘Victorious’ from their latest album but of course we won’t forget their greatest hits including ‘I Write Sins Not Tragedies’. The crowd just went nuts, we are just jumping, head banging, dancing, screaming and singing along through out their whole set. Brendon Urie and the band was just flowing with energy and it was passed all over our system. Brendon Urie’s vocals are legendary, those high notes are magnificent and he even did a back flip twice. They sounded so good live it hurts, this is one band you should definitely be seeing live. The next performer was ‘James Bay’ or should i say bae (cause he is, definitely *wink). This man is overwhelmingly talented, he switch guitars for every song and his guitar skills was on point like his fingers are burning  while strumming the strings. I thought his performance was gonna be like mellow, and gentle and slow, but it wasn’t mellow, he wasn’t gentle, some of his songs wasn’t slow. He still gave that perfect amount of energy on his performance (because going after P!ATD is really a big challenge) so kudos to him.

The last performer of the night comes and it was ‘The 1975’ they are the reason why i came here actually, they are my band and i love both of their albums. When they had their first concert here, i wasn’t able to go because of stuff then i promised to myself that i’m going to see them when they come back and here i am. The lights were off and just a little visuals of neon was flashing on the screens, with heart pounding sound effects, everybody was screaming. Then a single spotlight went to the stage with a silhouette of a man standing in the edge of the stage then in one snap i lost it. Their first song was ‘Love Me’ followed by ‘Ugh’ and they also played ‘Heart Out’ Somebody Else’ ‘Girls’ ‘Robbers’ ‘Chocolate’ ‘Love Me’ ‘Sex’ and among their other hits. Everybody was singing along and just having the time of their lives ( i don’t about them, but i did.) I love Matty’s little dances and they sounded great they made us dance and jump our hearts out and they also gave us the feels, just how i expected it to be.

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I’m just grateful and proud of myself. I picked the right event to have my first concert experience, i am definitely looking forward on seeing each one of them again live. All of them are amazing artists and i thank them for this one night i’ll remember my whole life.

ICYM: Here’s my POV at the #InTheMix 2016! Part 1 & Part 2 up on my youtube channel!


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