Music Review: SUD


SUD is an alternative/soul band from Manila, Philippines with members Sud Ballecer -Vocals, Guitar Marc Reyes – Bass Jimbo Cuenco – Drums Samuel Valenia – Guitar, Vocals Carlo Maraingan – Percussion Kohl Aguilar – Keyboard Carlos Dela Fuente – Saxophone.

Check them out and get the latest updates on their facebook account and listen and watch their videos on youtube!

“…the band is a mix of technical ammo and a sure fire round of easy to hum to originals that will make you both jittery and comfortable at the same time.” it’s what they say, it is what’s written on their website. But it is damn true.

Something i love about upcoming bands/artists are i can still listen to them over and over again without getting suck of it since i know i’m the only one who listens to them and it’s not booming in every corner i go. You know, i’m kind of selfish i don’t like sharing my music but i’m still proud and grateful when they hit big and got all the recognition they wanted. Another thing is i can hear and see them live without selling my organs or my soul out.

So the story began on summer, i’m on my ojt-training and we are driving to BGC in my boss’ car, the radio is on and it just played something that sounds like ‘…walang sagot, sa tanong kung bakit ka mahalaga’. Then i asked my friend if she knows who sang the song, and my guess is Sam Milby but then i forgot that he is slang when speaking tagalog. Then it just didn’t get out of my head the song is great and it’s irresistible, i’m so curious that after the trip, right after i get home i open youtube and type the lyrics i remembered on the search box then tada! ‘Sila’ by SUD appeared, i’m so happy the car song is actually real!

It has been the song of my life for about the last weeks of summer, i kept on playing, i kept on singing it i don’t know it just got on my system and it made me cry and i just fall in love with it. Then one heartbreaking day, my baby is all grown up and it found its way to be played on T.V, i don’t know whether i’m gonna be happy about it or not then the next morning when i get to school it’s on everybody’s mouth. I’m happy because they are getting successful and i’m also sad cause i don’t want to get sick of it, it is my anthem. And i guess, i just have to find another SUD songs and i did.

a0167248176_16I got actually 4 more songs other than ‘Sila’. If you think SUD is like a hopeless romantic or has songs that are literally written as love stories like Silent Sanctuary because of ‘Sila’ you have been misinformed. The other 4 songs i have downloaded is somehow a little inappropriate i don’t know if it’s just me or that’s exactly how it is (you know 18+ kind of stuff and the title of their EP says it all) but still good and i still love it. First song is ‘Cold’ there are two things i’m feeling when i’m listening to this song, when you listen to it it’s like you’re at a fancy restaurant having dinner with someone special, having champagne, and dancing with all the lights all over the place and just very romantic. The other one is it tells me that it really is cold outside so i should stay in my room, laying in my bed and just chill and cuddle all the pillows. What i love about this song is the vintage feels and sound it gives, and the lyrics are really tempting to just stay by your boy/girlfriend’s side or just stay on your bed if you’re single, then the last part that saxophone solo is incredible. Next one is ‘Profanities’ this is your typical upbeat band song with lyrics of how a guy is being turned on with a girl and how he is saying bad words when he sees her (i just loved the chorus part) and you can actually dance to it. Another one is ‘Skin’ this song really screams sex all over it. But my favorite part is when a rap just happened before the song ended, and it just added a little more sexiness more than it already is. Last one is a song from their EP (Sleep Sex) that i got is ‘Smilky’ under your eyes and the city lights this song really brought light to my eyes and is a real turn on, they actually fulfilled their mission with this song (“your pleasure is my mission” lyrics). This would probably be a background music in movie where the girl and the boy is getting intimate and just all over each other until they hit it (it’s just so sexy) and this one has the most unforgettable lyrics.

I just love everything about them, that saxophone is fire and the vocals are amazing , the guitar and drum beats are such good vibes, and how they write and create every song that tells different kinds of stories is inspiring. All of their songs are lit (kumbaga walang tapon) What i’m really wishing right now is just to see them perform and to be able to hear my favorite songs live. I have no words to describe, i’m just in love with them.

Discover SUD and their awesomeness just click here and for more amazing music check them out on Spotify!


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