The real “Be Careful Who You Bully” challenge



The ‘Be Careful Who You Bully’ challenge is taking over social medias, it is where you are going to post two photos of you (one old, one recent) and you are going to see the reactions of your friends about your transformation then you are going to tag 10 other friends to do the same. You know what, that’s bullshit. Let me serve you the real thing.

 Be careful who you bully, you may not know how your words and actions may affect someone’s physical, mental and emotional health.

When i was young, 1st grade the whole class learned about the guy who i have a crush on and he immediately found out about it and he came and said to me “ano sa tingin mo? magkaka-crush ako sayo eh ang itim itim mo.” (hindi naman ako nageexpect sobra to, porke maputi sya akala mo naman). Then at 6th grade i transferred to a private school from a public school. At the last day of the first week of class is home room officers election day then some boy raised his hands and he said “I nominate Veron as Muse.” then i just looked up to this boy and thought what the hell and i can hear some people giggling (oh diba nananahimik yung tao eh oh, sasama mo pa ako sa trip mo e). Also on 6th grade i was force to give answers on every exams to my seatmate just to make him stop bullying me. (yung nagnominate sakin tsaka yung seatmate ko mag-tropa yan oh diba galing, tsaka yung mga binibigay ko naman sagot sa kanya hindi lahat doon tama ano akala mo ha, wala kang maloloko dito uy). I even cried in front of the whole class at 6th grade because i can’t stand it anymore. Growing up i have been called names like ‘bumbay’ ‘baboy’ ‘negrang kulot’ cause i was born with a curly hair, my mom and dad both have curly hairs, i like eating that’s why i was chubby and i used to play outside at 3:00 in the afternoon that’s why i have dark skin. I have kept this to myself all along, my parents thought everything was fine but what they didn’t know is that i have been fighting a battle on my own, how could a little girl right? Because of what i have experienced i have spent my childhood being shy and quiet, to the point that i can’t even introduce myself or say my name.

To all the people who know me now, probably wouldn’t know this cause what they can see now is a passive-aggressive girl, a girl who would definitely fight fire with fire (but don’t you dare), a girl who is determined of getting what she wants and a girl who takes charge of everything because she wants to go everything her way, a girl who is a product of bullying. When i turned highschool i just promised to myself that all those things would never happen again, ever. Then the little shy girl just turned into a beautiful disaster, but what didn’t changed is that i’m still chubby, my hair is still curly and i still have a dark skin tone. You know what changed? My perception. I don’t care what you think, nobody even cares what i think why would i even bother? When the time you start to think differently about yourself is the time when nobody would even dare to try and break you down. If you wanted to change, change for yourself not because you wanted to change people’s mind and be accepted by them. Change so you can accept yourself, because the right people will accept you for who you are when they know that you know and love yourself. There is nothing wrong in putting yourself first, there’s nothing wrong with building walls to help you be strong, There is nothing wrong with being quiet cause you know when to fight and you know when to stand on what you believe in. There’s nothing wrong with you, there is something wrong with them. Focus on your dreams, you want to be something? you can be everything. Focus on your plans, you want to do something? you can do everything. Focus on your passion, do what you love and you’ll never get tired of doing it. To all the people who thought that they weren’t good enough, pretty enough or smart enough, you are okay. You are enough.

And to all the people whose got a lot to say about someone, fuck what you say.


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