Unspoken Words #1

You know what’s sad about a journey?

It’s either a long way or you’ll take the shortcut,

but no matter what both still ends.

Some people wishes to end their journey soon

but what they don’t know is they are still a far from ending.

Some people have dreams for the future

but is gone without having it come to life.

But when both journeys end, both are still sad.

What if that short taker could have  been the next president,

could have been the next man who stepped on the moon,

could have cured cancer or

what if he could have love someone so deeply it’ll change everything.

And what if the long taker could have been braver to fall in love,

could have been more open,

or what if he could have done everything he wished he could have done.

When yours end so fast, don’t be petty.

Because there is one thing i know about the shortcut,

that when you took it you have done everything you need to do

and you have done a great job.

When yours is still on going, don’t be such in a hurry.

Treasure every moment, the long way home is meant to teach you something,

it is meant to make you realize that there is still something you need to do.

Every journey ends. We don’t know when, we don’t where,

but no matter how be thankful still

that even in a short period of time you have touched people’s lives

and within all the years you spent you actually made sense.

It is in your hands on how you’ll going to make your journey count.

I hope you make it count. -Aries Eli

Dedicated to the memory of Mark Andrew Baguisi (Aug. 20, 1989 – Aug. 10 2016)

you are at peace now, my brother.


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