What to expect when you’re expecting #HydroManila2k16


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of the #SplashMob, get ready as we tell you a STORY and together, we will all create HISTORY!

Together, #WeMakeItRain this #HydroManila2016

Now i turned 18 and officially legal this is one thing i wouldn’t miss for the world, parties! I’m gonna be attending my first ever party as an adult at Hydro Manila this August 27, 2016.

So… what to anticipate? Well I got a full list of what I’m excited about Hydro Manila 2016.

First in my list is definitely the cute guys i’m gonna be seeing roaming around, dancing, having fun and just spreading their cuteness all over the place and in my system. Another one is i will definitely dress up for this day, gonna pick amazing outfits for this, i guess i’m gonna bring a bigger bag than usual cause whose going to stick with one outfit of the day when you’re going to be showered during the event, right? Third one, this is definitely going in my channel i’m gonna vlog the whole event and just treasure every moment. Since i’m going alone and i just have one ticket with me as in i have no one to go with, i’m just gonna appear there by myself. But the exciting part is the people i’m going to meet there, i always tend to have a new friend after every event i’m attending to so i hope it won’t be hard on this one.


But the only reason i’m really excited about Hydro is the music. Of course, the music. They have amazing and legendary line-up of artists, band, dance crews, djs and mcs! Ely Buendia, my childhood hero, will be performing and i’m excited to hear live all of his legendary hits since i was young, who wouldn’t be? I’m sure everybody in the place will sing along to his songs. My other favorite bands will be there too Parokya Ni Edgar and Up Dharma Down, i can’t wait to hear UDD live and just pour my heart out and i might cry for their sake. What i’m really curious about is Ampalaya Monologues will be there too, to open for UDD. It is really a dream of mine to also hear spoken word poetry and just cry while the words are clenching up to my soul. Some dance crews will be there too to perform and bust out their moves like the Altas Perpsquad, Philippine Shuffle Mob and my idols when it comes to dancing Philippines All Stars! And i’m ready to have a good time and dance my heart out with the music of all this amazing djs. This is just an all-in party, i thank whoever produced this and whoever thought of this line up you are amazing! I’m ready, i’m excited for this music festival, make it rain on me Hydro! ALL HAIL HYDRO!

With all the hype, the party and good vibes, let us not forget that being a legal adult also comes with a responsibility. Let’s make sure that our belongings and ourselves are safe, in a party like this which there will be a presence of alcohol let’s be careful  when someone is giving you a drink and try not to get drunk and be conscious with our surroundings and all the people in the event. We don’t want to happen again what happened the last summer. Let’s just all enjoy the performance of this amazing acts and keep on supporting local talents, keep supporting opm!

Buy your tickets now! We repeat, buy your tickets now before they run out! Dance your way now to all SM Tickets Outlets nationwide.



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