Greyson Chance Live in Manila! + his performance & i got my cd signed!

13422204_10154185144153617_4180550914240608716_o.jpgGreyson Chance is back again in Manila for the 3rd time having to promote his new EP ‘Somewhere Over My Head’ he give his Filipino fans not just one, not just two but three shows! In partnership with Megaworld Lifestyle Malls and MCA Music Philippines.

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I don’t know how to start this, well it all started when I heard a song on the radio sung by a grown man with deep voice and heavenly falsettos and i thought maybe it was zayn or sam smith or nathan sykes i was actually pertaining to ‘Back on the Wall’ and when the radio dj said that the singer was Greyson Chance i was just in all shock. How can his voice turn like that? I mean the last song i know from him is when he was like a little boy and i just realized that time really is flying fast. When I found out about his new ep i’m really excited and stoked about it, i said im gonna download it as soon as possible. But days passed and i haven’t had the time to download it then I just saw an announcement that he’s going to be back here in manila and he’s gonna have three shows and it just popped into my head that i need to be there, i need to have that ep on physical copy, i need to watch him perform live and i was just out of my mind. Fortunately I have saved enough money it wasn’t intentionally for it i just saved it for other reasons and then cancel other plans i need to see Greyson live.

So, there were three shows and I choose to go on the second day of the event which is on June 25, Saturday at Venice Grand Canal Mall at McKinley Hill Taguig. And on this day I proved something to myself that I can be very proud of, since i am from cavite and i traveled all the way to manila alone… alone. For the sake of Greyson Chance, that’s an achievement for me actually. I left the house at 7:30 in the morning and traveled for like 3-4 hours and arrived at the venue at like 11:30 and when i got inside, god there’s a lot of people already and the line is already long and i even met miggz at the end of the line (yay!) i’m planning to have the meet and greet bundle but unfortunately it is for the first 100 only and i was like 316th. But still thankful at least I still got the chance to buy the ep and have it signed by him.

After waiting for a little more hours the show eventually about to start and again there’s line which is a first come first serve basis for the seats inside the event. We lined up somewhere far but not near the end. And when the staff are letting people in it’s already packed up and i thought we are going to be at the the very back of the venue which is not cool. But luckily our seats is on the right side facing the stage and we are like on the second row i mean we’re really close our view is fantastic i can totally see greyson up the stage from where i am seated. The show started and Kyle Echarri, the finalist from the last season of The Voice kids Philippines, opened the show and the kid is amazing he performed his original song ‘Fall For Me’ and ‘Love Yourself’ and my favorite right now ‘Let it Go’ by James Bay, aside from him being super cute i’m totally looking forward to hear more from this young talent cause i see so much potential and if he released the right song i might become a fan.

Discover Kyle Echarri! Follow him on twitter and instagram And listen to his first ever single ‘Fall For Me’ on all digital platforms!

Few minutes later, the emcee kept on talking until he decided to introduce Greyson and he just climb up the stage and everybody started screaming their soul out. With his keyboard with a Philippine flag on it he started performing his songs from his latest ep like ‘Afterlife’, ‘No Fear’ his latest single and my actual favorite ‘Back on the Wall’ and he gave us nostalgic feels when he performed his hits from the past years which are ‘Waiting Outside the Lines’ and another favorite of mine ‘Sunshine and City lights’ when he just sang his old songs it’s like the grown up version of it because now that he has a deeper voice it actually sounded different and i almost did not recognize it and he even change the arrangement of the song so he can sing comfortably with his voice now. I still can’t believe that he is the little boy i saw on youtube singing Lady Gaga’s paparazzi he grown so much, he had shown maturity on his new songs and the way he performs but still telling us that he is still the Greyson Chance we know, but he is not a kid anymore he is a man. Then when he sang the last song from the set list which is ‘More Than Me’ he is singing the verse when he just stopped and get his towel and wipe his eyes and everybody is like (awwwwwwwwww) and he said it was just sweat that ran from his eyes and i’m like no dude, you’re crying since he told that the song really means so much to him before he perform it. In that moment i stopped taking a video and just listened, and i just felt like i’m gonna burst out. I just started crying, cause when you see it, when he performed that song i felt like his soul is floating all over the place and i felt it and it made me emotional. I just love it when an artist let their heart out every time they perform, and Greyson always shows his heart in every song he sings and you actually can feel, it is like when his heart beats all the melody just flows and that made me love him even more.

After the performance the meet & greet session started few lucky fans get to be up close with greyson and it’s just so much fun watching them have the time of their lives up in that stage. Then my moment comes it is time for the CD signing since we are on the second row we are the first lucky ones to get up in the stage and have our cds signed by him. When we are near the table, we are up on the stage and a staff asked us if we are okay cause we seem quiet and we told her yeah we’re fine, we’re happy and we’re just nervous and tensed i am really, actually. Then when they grabbed my cd and gave to greyson he said hi to me and i said hi back and i just looked at his face the whole fucking time he is signing my cd and i was speechless and when it’s over he said thank you and i said thank you back and we had an eye to eye contact god he is so cute i just can’t. It’s somehow disappointing that i didn’t talk that much, but it’s okay it was actually my first time meeting these kind of people up close, cause i just went out of my head in that moment. After it i was just walking around like a fucking retard and talking to myself, i just can’t believe that moment actually happened and i’m just poof, i’m gone. The day is over, and i met Greyson Chance.


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