The Only Highschool Friend Who Remembers Me

May 31, 2016. My friend from high school, Heidi, message me on facebook asking if i was free on the 31st. Then i ask what’s gonna be happening and she said it was her birthday, at first i never thought that it’ll be her 18th birthday because i thought she was older than me. I wasn’t really good at remembering someone’s birthday. But i still said yes to be there for her. Then when our mutual friend told me that i’m gonna be part of her program (the 18 *insert something here), and i’m shocked. It’s been a lot of years since we last talked and meet and i was actually surprised that she still invites me in her special day.

Me and her first met on 6th grade, i was a transferee back then and i came from a public school then transferred into a private school and you know most of the people wasn’t actually that nice but Heidi and our group of friends got my back. Then we’re 7th graders, we are still classmates and almost do everything together, i was there when she had her first boyfriend and i even made her cry because i wasn’t approved of the guy. Then the next year we aren’t classmates anymore but we still managed to meet each other during break time and just roam around the school, and that was also the year when we have called by the guidance office, as in both of us. It was an accident we are playing around, pushing each other at the stairs and we accidentally pushed hard on our other friend and she hit her head. We are really sorry about it, and it was our first time to be called in the guidance office and we like cry after the councilor talked for almost about 5-10 minutes. I was so scared. Then after that year I transferred again (and nope, not because of that) i studied again at a public school. Then at some time she come visit me at the house with all of her other friends that also became my friends.

I’m just really thankful for her, that even though years has part us, she never forgot me. Actually, she is the only friend i still get in touch with in that said private school and i am grateful for her friendship even though we didn’t get to talk that much anymore like we used to. And having a person like this in your life is actually a proof that even with all the things i have done wrong in my life, i have been a good friend. There’s still that someone who thank me for the friendship i gave and i am too for what i get. After all these years, i have seen on that day that she had matured and she is still the simplest form of who she is. She’s still the best friend i had on 6th grade. And i’m just full of gratitude.


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