Music Review: Palm Avenue EP

Palm Avenue is a local independent band with 7 members Tristan (vocalsXguitar), Kevin (vocals), Daniel (vocalsXbass), Miguel (vocals), Meyer (guitar), Vince (piano) & Shion (drums). Their self-titled EP consists of 3 original songs entitled Denied, Subtle Seduction & Partner in Crime. The first track, ‘Denied’ music and lyrics by Meyer & Tristan and vocals performed by Kevin & Miguel. This song is really catchy, the beat, the guitar is amazing. When i heard this song for the first time the first thing that comes on my head was “…this sounds like a The 1975 song.” And that pops into my head that they are like the local The 1975 which makes me fell in love with their music that fast. That’s why they make the right decision to make ‘Denied’ their first original promo single, cause when you actually hear the song you’re going to like it even though you just heard it for the first time just like what happened to me. I just have this feeling that because of this song which is really perfect to be a single and to promote the band, they’re going to hit big. The second track was called ‘Subtle Seduction’, the odd one out in all of the songs. This one is somehow different, music and lyrics by Meyer & Daniel and vocals performed by Kevin, Miguel & Daniel. The feels of this songs is kind of hard it is really different from the 1975 feels the first track has given me. But what i like about this song is its lyrics are amazing, it is well written cause i really relate to every inch of the lyrics in one meaning or more. I felt like ‘Subtle Seduction’ is actually written for me, but of course not (lol). The last track called ‘Partner in Crime’ music, lyrics and vocals by Tristan. This one is my favorite. The song is just chill with the perfect time of beat, i could listen to this all day and i feel like nothing can go wrong and no one is going to break my mood. And i just love how the lyrics turned into a beautiful story it even made me think of the movie ‘Paper Towns’. This is the first time i was impressed so much by a band i have no idea about but since bands are life it was not hard for me to appreciate the music they are making. Just big hopes and so much love for Palm Avenue! I’m gonna be waiting for more of your music.

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After the event (United Colors of Summer 2016) i just can’t wait to tweet everything. That is why i bombarded Palm Avenue with tweets with nothing but praises and fortunately they are noticing fans and i was one of them! They retweeted my tweets and replied to me! But what makes me feel sad is that i didn’t get to take a photo with them and i saw other fans from the event have one and that really sucked for me. So the only thing i’m wishing right now is to see them perform live again and actually meet and have a photo with them. Because of them i feel like i have the urge to support upcoming locals bands, i just need to be impressed the way Palm Avenue did, don’t you worry i’m not that hard to impress (lol). Here’s to all independent music! Looking forward to hearing all of you soon.



Check out Palm Avenue online!

Twitter @PalmAvenueMusic
Facebook /PalmAvenueMusic
Instagram @PalmAvenue.Music


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