United Colors Of Summer 2016

May 28, 2016. Along with great music comes great fandom. So along with the officially participating street teams and fan clubs this year, we invite you to come home to yours at #UnitedColorsOfSummer2016!

After THREE very successful color fan festivals in 2015, we bring you this summer treat that’ll definitely help you beat the heat!

Astroplus is bringing you United Colors of Summer 2016 will be happening at SM North Edsa Sky Dome at May 28-29, 2016.

In this holy place with a lot of fangirls and fanboys around manila had been blessed by great music, amazing prizes and freebies, awesome performances and just pure screaming to our hearts content. This is probably the best way to end my summer! In places like this, places like this is where i belong. Going crazy about almost everything without being judged but having people around you do the same thing is priceless.

I have been waiting for this day like the whole month, cause i’m hella excited and i really need to get out of my ojt training even just for a day. So i would like to give thanks for this amazing couple who accompanied me at the event, Louise & Miggz (#Jouise)! This is my calling in life actually, third-wheeling. Well they didn’t just accompany me, without them i probably wouldn’t be there. They are also the ones who line up and bought me tickets for the event, they’re the best wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world (awwww)! And by the way we even saw Sarah Geronimo at Trinoma before we get to the venue, well she walked pass by us, in front of me actually and she was wearing black from head to toe and i was just stoked and star-struck i even looked at her for almost a minute before realizing and screaming at the mall that i saw Sarah Geronimo she’s gorgeous, my goodness gracious.

When we got to the event’s place there’s already a lot of people inside and i can’t breathe, a lot of internet friends meeting again or even meeting for the first time. We don’t even know where to stay, we just ended up sitting around near the exit cause there’s a room of air there and we can move freely, dancing and jumping up and down. Then the event started they have raffles which every fandom has prizes, i never knew fandom admins are that rich and can get us official merchandise to give away to some lucky fans and they got amazing line up of performances but my favorite was Palm Avenue. Palm Avenue performed hits from Justin Bieber, One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer and even played one of their original songs. But when they decided to play “Waste The Night” by 5SOS that is my cue to run up the stall and buy their EP. After I bought their EP i run back at our position and i almost shove the ep into my friends’ face and i was just screaming out of excitement and i jumped up and down holding the cd while Palm Avenue is performing. That was an iconic moment for me, cause i never know the band, i never heard of them before until that day and i just fell in love, that is the most amazing feeling there is.

Check out my review about Palm Avenue’s EP here!

In this times like this, this is where i actually feel alive and relevant. Events like this makes my social anxiety disappear, oh the irony right? But just having people you don’t even know around you and when that speaker blast, there’s one thing you guys are passionate about and that’s just indescribable and you end up screaming, jumping, in tears and having the best time of your life. That’s how music works.

ICYMI: Check out my vlog for #UnitedColorsOfSummer2016 on my youtube channel!

PS Sorry if you have been dizzy after watching cause i was also having the time of my life.




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