What it feels to buy my first concert ticket.

May 21, 2016. Music Management International, also known as MMI Live, are bringing six international acts — including The 1975, Third Eye Blind, Panic! at The Disco, James Bay, Elle King, and Twin Pines—to perform in one epic night dubbed as “In The Mix.”

As one of 2016’s most-awaited music festivals, ‘In the Mix’ will feature live performances from both popular and emerging artists on August 18, 2016 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

And i knew it, that day i swore i’m never going to miss The 1975 again. Never again. Fortunately i have saved up a bunch of money, but it wasn’t intentionally for this it was for a fan party coming this weekend. But what the hell it’s The 1975 with Panic at the Disco, James Bay and more! It’s gonna be awesome, I have to be there, I have to hear them live. And it is worth the money cause i get to see not just one, but 6 live acts! I’m so excited!

When the day of ticket selling arrived, i can’t. i just can’t. I have a shift at the office where i was training and our shift won’t end til 5 pm. And it just can’t get out of my head, i feel like sneaking out the office to get to the mall and buy the ticket early to have best seat. But no, it was already 6 pm when i got to the mall and i was like walking really fast and checking updates if the tickets had already been sold out. Then i was there at the selling booth and things up in my mind cause it was my first time buying concert tickets and i don’t know if i was in the right place i even asked the sales lady if they sell concert tickets at the booth. And fortunately nothing embarrassing, i was totally playing cool even though in my mind i am screaming hysterically and jumping up and down.

Then the lady already asked me what seat i’ll be getting and i have General Admission 517 Coral, and when she clicked that section there’s only one seat left and oh my goodness it was destined for me. Then she started printing out the ticket, my heart is pounding and i am smiling like an idiot when she gave it to me and i was saying to myself “oh my god oh my god” like over and over. I am trying to keep calm and look contained, but i was not in my system and i just walked through the mall vacant. I just can’t believe what happened. I can’t believe i bought my first concert ticket! I even tweeted about it like a hundred times and MMI Live even reply to my tweet!

I’m sorry justin, but i promise i won’t miss out on you. But I’m so happy, it’s like the second happiest day of my life, cause which meeting justin bieber will be the first. This was it, this turned out feeling is amazing. I promise this won’t be the last i’m going to get this feeling, i’m buying every concert ticket like it was my first time.

Tickets are available at all SM Tickets outlet nationwide //
Get them here: smtickets.com or call (+632) 470-2222.

#InTheMix #MMILive2016


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