Kung Jeon Korean Palace, Baguio City

May 15, 2016. It was my third time going back in Baguio but it was my first time visiting this authentic Korean Restaurant. Kung Jeon Korean Palace serves eat-all-u-can korean food and is managed by a real locals from Korea. Fortunately my OJT gave me this experience together with my co-ojt’s and classmates.

We ate unlimited samgyeopsal, we get the raw ingredients inside the restaurant and cook it on our table just like how local koreans does it. I don’t know but maybe i’m just not fond of korean food and i’m not fond of vegetables which korean food is full of it that’s why i guess i didn’t actually enjoyed eating. But if you are familiar with the culture, the food i’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy every bit of it. The place have a real authentic korean ambiance as in you can feel like you are eating in a actual restaurant in Korea. Not really a fan of Korean Culture but i just enjoyed spending time here. We, the tour guides and tourists had an amazing time.

But the best part was having to wear a traditional Korean dress or ‘han bok’, a lot of colors and design to choose from plus you can take photos around the place while wearing the dress. I enjoyed wearing the costume so much i almost didn’t want to take them off. It was full of fun. I’m really grateful for experiences like this, another free traveling for me!


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