Anawangin Cove, San Antonio Zambales

April 9, 2016. Anawangin Cove, one of the hidden islands of the Philippines but not so hidden anymore since it is getting a lot of attention lately. The grayish sand and clear turquoise water is what gets beach goers the love for the place. But if you are really looking for an adventure, i’ll tell you one. The place has no electricity, has no network signal, so it means no data connection or wifi that also means no facebook, twitter or instagram for a day, you think you can handle it? Of course you do! The beauty of the place is enough to get your mind and head of your cellphones or computers.

We spent more or less 6 hours of driving on the road. We left at 11pm and arrive at the Brngy. Pundakit at 4am where there we go to the local market and grab the food we are going to eat in the island. And to get to the island we need to ride this jaw-dropping and heart-pounding boat ride where everybody screams every minute since the wind is blowing hard and the current and waves are huge, but it was an instant amusement ride for me.

But the best adventure for me is trekking up the hill and seeing the whole island’s view when you reach the top, and looking down on the edge of the cliff and feeling like you just wanna jump. Right there in that moment i found peace. Like i said, perks of being a tourism student is free travel, and this one is! Since it was my OJT-training this summer, the company i applied for ask me to come to this tour to assist and help the coordinator and ofcourse the tourists.But unfortunately i didn’t do my job well, i kinda sucked cause my nerves get me and my shyness rise from 0 to 100 real quick and i knew it but i still had a great time with the new people i met. The tourists i guided was students from FEU Cavite and they we’re the craziest, no dull moments, everybody is laughing even though almost all of them brought their girlfriends/boyfriends around, but it was so much fun. We went island hopping and we even got stranded on the first island we go to everybody is hungry cause it was past lunch time and mad cause we’re still stuck for almost 3 hours and the food we bought at the market got spoiled especially the meat and the chicken, luckily the seafood is still safe to eat. We even had drinking sessions with bon fire and smores and stories getting revealed by each and one of them, but not me you can’t make me do that. But still it was an amazing experience to be with this kind of people.

I know to myself that i was good at this cause i even get to have new people to be closed with, so i’m thankful that even though i feel like i was the odd one out of the group these two girls still makes me feel comfortable and welcome around these people. Hope to see them and hang with them again.


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