Music Review: Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” era


With the cat ears as her signature look the past era, Ariana Grande is now serving us with hot and sexy bunny ears. With the release of her latest singles “Dangerous Woman” and “Be Alright” she is unleashing her inner sexiness with those high falsettos and sensual beat and creatively written lyrics, way far from her starting career where she is seen as a sweet, young, innocent girl, on floral dresses and high ponytail playing Cat Valentine. That’s why all the Arianator are really excited about her new upcoming studio album that will be out sooner than you think.


I, myself is a fan and i’m super lss right now with both songs, cause it’s really catchy and just the same amount of girliness i like, and it just makes me dance my feet off. Ariana Grande has always been a great role model to me, her love with her dogs is really adorable and her say about body shaming and accepting the body you’re in is really inspiring, and she is also a style inspiration for me, her looks are amazing. Her talent is inevitable and you can’t deny that the girl really can sing, the way she belt out those high notes and falsettos is heaven. That’s why out of all the woman in the music industry i choose to support her and her music.

Listen to Ariana Grande’s new album ‘Dangerous Woman’ on spotify!

“Dangerous Woman” said Ari makes her feel two kinds ways that’s why they will release two videos for the song. The visual 1 for “Dangerous Woman” is now up on Youtube and it shows the sexy and glamorous side of Ari, with a simpler and more glam-themed approach. While the visual 2 is not yet released but as said by Ari herself it’ll be weirder and will have bizarre cinematic effects because the song also makes her feel empowered, like a super version of herself a.k.a black latex super-bunny woman and i can’t wait to see it.

Watch “Dangerous Woman” video on Youtube.

Listen to “Dangerous Woman” & “Be Alright” on Spotify .


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