Ariana Grande #TheHoneymoonTour live in Manila

August 23 2015. Is the day when Mall Of Asia Arena has been filled with cat ears, fans singing along to ‘Break Free’, a day even local celebrities are excited about and it is the day when Ariana Grande had arrived for her one night only show here in the Philippines. Singing her biggest hits like “Break Free”, “Problem”, “Love Me Harder” and many more.

It is also the day when i decided i don’t want to be part of #teambahay any longer. That’s why i ran into MOA Arena, all alone, just by myself and I said to myself “my #teambahay days are over, cause right now i will be… #teamlabas”.Okay stop laughing, at least you can see the improvement right there. This was really the first time i step foot into the holy concert ground. I thought there would be few people outside but then when i arrived, there’s a lot. And I came there with nobody, as in i’m just by myself and waiting for someone out there to talk to me and luckily there was. All of the fans kept on asking the bouncers and the staff where Ari is, they just kept on singing her songs so loud, and screaming “We want Ari!” We are just standing behind the barricades, and some gets pushy and some get hurt. But all in all for the sake of Ariana Grande everybody get the chance to see a glimpse of her. And not to brag, but Ari’s car pass by us and everybody was like screaming, yelling and tears. She even posted a video of it on snapchat, she’s inside the car and she was near the window and the camera was faced on us, well it was faced on the window but who cares. We are on Ariana Grande’s snapchat.

Behind that amazing experience the day won’t end if i didn’t get to meet amazing people and now is a part of my life. I’ve been with these girls the whole night and i don’t even know them, we just knew each other that day and we just had a lot of fun. We were walking around the arena holding a sign that says “We need tickets” and we kept on stalking on the person who bought a lot of VIP tickets, i guess he was a journalist or something cause he has passes. We are laughing at ourselves cause everybody is looking at us thinking we are crazy and poor cause we didn’t get tickets, but all was just fun. But one miracle just happened, we’re at the back part of the arena then Ms. Arpee, the head of MMI came out and she has a little envelope that has a patron ticket on it. And everybody get crazy cause they wanted that ticket,  but first you have to answer one question “What is Ms. Arpee’s fave Ariana song?” and everyone’s just started stating all of Ari’s songs. But of course only one has get the chance to get the ticket. But it wasn’t me or one of us. I was blown away, i didn’t even get to answer, i only said like 2 songs and i was just blank and i was really surprised cause i can’t believe that they are giving away tickets. That barely happen, and for me to see it happen in front of my eyes and see one fan’s dream came true because of that ticket i’m happy even though it wasn’t me. It was a miracle for me that night to be honest.


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