#PurposePH, Justin Bieber ‘Purpose’ Album Launch

November 2015. i’m excited to blog about this. After almost 3 years without music and Justin being on a break he decided to bless us with a new album which is now #1 and gains a lot of success, nominations and awards. He gave us ‘Purpose’. #PurposePH is the first ever official event that i attended. This was organized by Justin Bieber Philippines and Bieberbuyout Philippines, cause two heads are better than one, right?

This was held at Eastwood Citywalk, Quezon City. I guess that’s why they held it there because the local showbiz industry presented Justin Bieber with a star in their walk of fame, because of the work and the heart Justin showed to the Yolanda victims.

I bought my ‘Purpose’ album like a few days after it’s release here the Philippines,

and i bought it at Mall Of Asia for P500 as i can remember. It’s amazing because I was the second person to bought the album and i can’t contain how happy i am that day. Along with the purchase is a ticket to the event, and i was happier, like i need to be here. Buying the album at MOA was a crazy idea, because that day was when APEC is occuring and there are no public transportation available at Coastal to Baclaran. So we just walked all along with all other people who was walking to work or from work, it was crazy cause it’s pretty far can you imagine how far it is? Cause it is really damn far and super hot, the sun is shining so brightly just like it always does here in the Philippines but the road is free, there’s no cars. But still it was crazy we walked to get there and back, luckily i’m with my friend. It was all crazy, i won’t forget it. You see how many times i said crazy, cause it is.

Before the day of the event, I worried for about a month because it’s my first time
attending an official fan event, and unfortunately i don’t know how to get there. As in i have no idea about Manila and shit, cause all my life i’ve been living here in Cavite. Then i got this idea to create a group chat exclusive for Cavite Beliebers, then luckily i found companions that are going to the event too. Then we decided to go together and just meet-up here in Cavite then have an adventure going to Eastwood City.
It was crazy. And these people are the best that I ever met. I’m so glad that because of this event i get a chance to meet such amazing persons with same passion as me. I felt like I met them for the first time and i gave them my full trust to get me to the event and bring me back home alive, and it’s amazing i never trust people like i trusted this beliebers and i love them.

The event was just pure fun I was never dissapointed, they had games with amazing prizes, performances by beliebers and upcoming artists, and they have a lot of merchandise, they invite shops to sell amazing merch which are the reason why there’s no money left for me. But the best part is just having myself surrounded by people like me, like we all go crazy, dance and sing-along when a Justin Bieber song plays, and it was precious. Me and the CavBeliebers squad had a lot of fun and it was an amazing experience for us, every moment is worth remembering. It’s one of the best days of my life.

ICYMI: here’s all the fun we had at #PurposePH  go watch (find me!)


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