Welcoming myself to adulthood


March 26, 2016. Well my real birthday was March 23 but we celebrated it on 26. Nothing special though, i just turned 18. We had an overnight swimming at Starfish Beach Resort, my mom was the one who wanted to do this, cause i never wanted to throw a party but i just did it and agreed to it for my mom since she’ll be the one organizing it and stuff. She’s the one who did all the preparations from the location, the invites, the food, everything. Even though I didn’t want a party cause for me it wasn’t reasonable to spend so much just for one night and i wanted a motorcycle for my 18th birthday, but still grateful and thankful for my parents for their efforts to have my 18th birthday celebration.

My friends was there, my tita and cousins and other relatives on my mom’s side was there, my ninong and ninang was there and some of the neighbors and kids on our street was also there. I’ll admit i’m not good with having so much people around, and i’m kinda shocked the a lot of people attended my party, and i’m thankful for each and every one of them. Everybody had a lot of fun, drinking, eating and swimming at the beach and they made the night special.

Like what i said earlier i’m kind of a social but anti-social person, i’m alone but i do have friends, i like to stay quiet most of the time, but at the same time i’m very talkative. So i really enjoyed staying up late, i never slept that night actually me and my friends just sat at the shore and feel the strong, cold breeze of the wind while having a bon fire. It was and ideal night for me, with the music playing, with just friends talking and the sound of sea kissing the shore, it was just pure perfection. The night and the sea is probably two of my favorite things in the entire world. I feel safe in the night. I feel home when i’m at the sea. And having to stay the whole night at the beach, is just a pleasure for me. Like i wanna be stuck in that moment and just lay down the sand and look up at the stars. But this one is amazing, it feels like i get to share to my friends something i love and a part of me since they were with me when i am feeling the moment. Plus the fire, i just love the fire i can’t stop staring at it that night. It felt like for me the fire started to look like a mirror and when i looked at it was beautiful and warm. Every moment was just everything that i love and it just makes me feel like the night was made just for me, i’m very thankful.



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