Busay Falls, Dubduban San Agustin, Romblon

October 2015. it was sembreak when my cousin called my mom and ask if we want to go to my dad’s hometown, Romblon. My mom told me the news, and i’m excited and i immediately told them that i wanna go, cause it’s been a long time since i went back home there.
But the best part is, it’s for free and I get to travel alone. Well not really, i’m with my cousins and tito but my parents are not with me, so basically i’m alone, and I’m really excited about it. Romblon is my childhood place.

When i was a little girl i really loved going here because our place is near the beach as in you can oversee the beach outside your window, and i just love it, the pigs, the coconut trees, the wind, my cousins, no electricity (but now they do have) just pure human interaction, it’s a different world for me. It’s something different that I love. And now i get the chance to go back here, it’s amazing i tend to have flashbacks of memories of when i was a kid and it feels like i’m really home, it feels like this place is a part of me.

One of the places we visited there is Busay Falls, located at San Agustin, Romblon. From Alcantara which is where we came from, we took an hour or two of travel via provincial jeepney which costs P100.00 per passenger. That is a really long ride but you’ll never gonna get bored since you can see the place’s beauty which i really enjoyed doing. When we arrived at San Agustin, we still rent for a tricycle to get to the actual falls, since the tricycle we rented is a friend of my cousin’s wife i think we didn’t pay for it. From there it is a 30 minute ride from the tricycle to the falls and we walked trough since the road is not developed yet. When we arrived at the Busay Falls, the entrance fee as far as I remember is P10.00 which acts as a donation for the development of the place. Then you just have to pay for the cottage you’re stay in for a while.

It’s a really nice place, the water is cold, the ambiance is relaxing full of trees and birds, even though there’s gonna be a lot of tourists at some times. The falls from the mountain runs trough the whole place. They made it flow until in the end part of it was turned into a pool. For a really cheap destination it was really nice and complete with basic facilities, so you don’t have to worry.

But my favorite part is just the time with my cousins and relatives, and just hanging out with them and get to see them grow.  I get to rest even just for a few days, feed my mind with new things and amazing sceneries. My time back here is priceless, I can’t wait to go back. I’m always gonna be excited to go back.


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