Dancing my way to my first cheerdance competition

March 8, 2016. This is the first ever competition i joined, and i’m lucky i get to be chosen as one of the representatives of our school in the cheerdance competition. We rehearsed for almost 4 weeks, non-stop with the help of Coach Red and now all the hard work has paid off. We pulled an awesome performance, i find the audience really enjoyed watching us since they won’t stop cheering, clapping and screaming and with that we’r already winners. Because unfortunately, we didn’t won the cheerdance competition but it doesn’t matter cause the school is the overall champion of STISAA 2016.

12067099_1198640853498198_15646720_nDancing has been a part of me ever since highschool. To be honest i never really thought that i could dance, cause i don’t know i never seen me dance in the mirror or i never really seen the way my body moves as a dancer potential.

But when i was a junior in high school, there was this teacher that really did saw my potential in dancing, and i was surprised because when i was a kid all i did was sing at the karaoke and that’s what i wanted, i wanted to sing and perform. But now i a
m performing, but trough dancing, I’m dancing at school i’m a member of the school’s official dance company and whenever there’s an event we would always have an intermission number. Now i guess this is what you called love cause i never thought that dancing will play a huge part in me,  in my life. Dancing helped me to become more confident about myself, it helped me believe in me, and it made me believe that i actually have a talent.

Dancing has really get me farther in life. Having this opportunity gives me the chance to not just meet but also be friends with this amazing  and talented people that i can share my passion with. With almost 4 years that i have been dancing, i’ve been with different kinds of dancers but this people right here, they’re different they know they have the talent but it doesn’t make you feel like you are behind them. But instead they’ll make you feel like you are all the same, the amount of talent given to you is also the amount of talent given to everybody. They will tell you that you can do it if you doubt doing a combination, they will teach you if you are doing it wrong but not intimidating. That’s the kind of people i wanna be dancing with, those that helps you improve yourself and not make you feel like you don’t deserve the talent that was given to you, not those who pull you down and intimidate you. So i’m very happy to be with this people, and within all the rehearsals we grew a friendship and that’s what i’m here for. More dancing to come!

Check out our performance at STISAA 2016 happened at Lotus Mall!


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