Katungkulan Beach Resort, Ternate Cavite

February 14, 2016. Katungkulan Beach Resort popularly known as Cavite de Boracay. Like the popular tag for the beach resort it is quite close to the world famous Boracay of the Philippines. Katungkulan Beach Resort with its turquoise clear water and fine cream sand will give you the feels like you are really in Boracay. With just an hour or two of travel from Manila it is one of the nearest destination from the city which is one of the reasons why tourist love to go. The destination is getting a lot of attention lately, that’s why the place can be crowded during holidays or weekends.

The entrance fee is woth P100 during the day and P200 during the night. The cottages are ranging from P350-450 depending on the size and capacity of the cottage. They also have rooms or villas worth P1000. You can also rent a tent if you plan to stay overnight or you don’t like having a cottage. When it comes to the facilities the resort have shower rooms, comfort rooms, convenience store, and grilling stations. The ambiance of the place is very refreshing, with the mountain surrounding the beach and you can even see wild animals like monkeys, pigs and eagles around, the water is cold and clear. It’s really perfect if you are wanting a day off from work or school or just have a quality time with friends and family, since it is one of the nearest and cheapest but worth it destinations.

If you are thinking i went here to celebrate valentine’s day, you’re wrong. I went here with my classmates, as a tourism student we had a group project and it requires going to the group’s chosen destinations around CALABARZON and we end up here. The project was about how we are going to develop the different aspects of the chosen destination. This is just what i love about my course, you can learn and gain knowledge but at the same time you will enjoy while  learning and doing your responsibilities as a college student. As the leader of the group, you know, all the things a leader should do, worry about everything is most of it. It was our first time going here actually, and we have no idea how to get here, we didn’t even rent a car or van to transport us. All we just did is just pure commute, we rode jeepneys and tricycles just to get to the destination and google map was our best friend that day. Fortunately i told them to bring a lot of pocket money with them so we can go home safe and sound, and i was beyond proud that we get there and went back home successfully. But all in all the group had a lot of fun, we enjoy soaking at the water and had a few drinks and a lot of food.  When we arrived, i was so star struck the place was amazing it’s like the photos of beaches you see on tumblr. I was out of words and i can’t get my eyes out of the panoramic view, and just feeling the wind and the sound of the waves, the white sand and everything about it was just fascinating. Can’t wait to visit more places like this.


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